Members of the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society

Active Members:

  • Gail F. Anderson, MD
  • Michael W. Bain, MD
  • Samuel B. Brown, MD
  • Susan E. Chance, PhD
  • Mark J. Corsale, MD
  • Erica Duncan, MD
  • Robert T. Elliott, MD
  • Cheryl L. Eschbach, MD, PhD
  • George K. Ganaway, MD
  • Sybil Ginsburg, MD
  • R. Peery Grant, MD
  • Patrick J. Haggard, MD
  • Wendy Jacobson, MD
  • Mark E. James, MD
  • Salley S. Jessee, MD
  • Yudit Jung, PhD, LCSW
  • Judy B. Kisla, D.O.
  • Carol B. Levy, CNS, MPH
  • Steven T. Levy, MD
  • Derek J. O’Brien, MD
  • Robert A. Paul, PhD
  • Lisa S. Rosof, MD, JD
  • Bruce E. Rudisch, MD
  • Laura Westen, PhD
  • M. Jane Yates, PhD

Scientific Affiliates:

  • Scott Conkright, PsyD
  • Martha Grace Duncan, PhD, JD

Corresponding Members:

  • Beth J. Seelig, MD
  • Susan B. Shelton, MD

Life Members:

  • James Brooks, MD
  • Esther Burstein, MD
  • Edward Leader, MD
  • John M. Nardo, MD
  • Ralph E. Roughton, MD
  • Richard Ward, MD

Charter Members:

  • Burness Moore, MD

Psychotherapy Affiliates:

  • Nora Dougherty, DSW
  • Jacqueline Irwin, LCSW
  • Lucie Klein-Coulton, LCSW
  • Eleanor W. Lee, LCSW
  • Susan Spencer, LCSW (also EUPI candidate)
  • Paul F. Trudeau, PhD
  • Charles Zapf, MD

Candidate Members:

  • Carla R. Bauer, LMSW
  • Nancy Chase, PhD, LCSW
  • Jessica F. Cohen, MD
  • Sharon Harp, LCSW
  • Kendle Hassinger, LPC
  • Bruce Hill, MD
  • Marcus Houston, MD
  • Sheril Kalarithara, MD
  • Sipra Laddha, MD
  • Alexandra H. Sawicki, MD
  • Nadia Sawicki, MD
  • Nisha N. Shah, MD
  • Jill Silbiger, MD
  • Stefanie L. Speanburg, PhD, LCSW
  • Susan Spencer, LCSW
  • Ryan S. Sultan, MD
  • Rachel Weitzenkorn

Become a member

We welcome new members! We are a diverse group, comprised of clinicians, students, professors, attorneys, businesspeople, and community leaders, but we share a passion for psychoanalysis and the insights it can bring to our work, our personal lives, and our community more generally. If you, too, share these interests, please consider joining us! For more information about membership contact our president, Sammye Brown, MD, at 404.237.3210 or president-elect, Bruce Rudisch, MD, at 404. 237.4968 for more information.