Support Us

We welcome your donations! You contribution of time or money can make all the difference. Please call one of the leaders of Atlanta Psychoanalysis to discuss ways in which you might like to support us, including:

  • Promotion of psychoanalytic continuing education for mental health professionals,
  • Development of careers in the field of psychoanalysis,
  • Outreach to the Atlanta community, or
  • Other purposes at your discretion.

Our current leadership consists of:

  • Beverly Stoute, MD, President, Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society, at 404.929.0390;
  • Stefanie Speanburg, PhD, LCSW, Director, Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute, at 404.556.2878; or
  • Lucie Klein-Coulton, LCSW, President, Atlanta Foundation for Psychoanalysis, at 404.237.3636 x 3

and we look forward to hearing from you!


The creators of the Atlanta Psychoanalysis website are grateful for the support we have received from our three sponsoring organizations: the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society; the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute; and the Atlanta Foundation for Psychoanalysis. We gratefully acknowledge Bethann Frillman for her design guidance and her photographs, which so aptly capture the spirit of our classroom discussions and of our clinical work. We are indebted to Jamey Aiken for the Atlanta Psychoanalysis logo design. We are also grateful for the ground-clearing work of those who built the original Atlanta Psychoanalysis website, including Nora Dougherty, George Ganaway, Judy Kisla, Mickey Nardo, and Susan Shelton. In addition, we wish to thank all those involved in planning the 2012 website for their vision, time, and commitment: David Chesnut, Scott Conkright, Lucie Klein Coulton, Derek O’Brien, Eileen Piasecki, and Susan Spencer. We got our Members’ Section up and running in record time thanks to Sharon Harp, who unstintingly dedicated her abundant talent and computer savvy to its design and implementation, while Chris Durbetaki generously spearheaded preparation of the dazzling yet user-friendly Instructions for Using Basecamp. We wish to acknowledge our Webmaster, Heather Dunn, for her thoughtful service in maintaining and updating our website. Last but not least, we would like to thank our web designer, Emily (Sharp) Goucher, for her outstanding work, consistently creative and careful, and for so cheerfully hanging in there with us throughout the development of this website.