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  • Update: Psychoanalytic Research

    The Scientific Standing of Psychoanalysis

    by Mark Solms

    ‘Psychoanalysis still represents the most coherent and intellectually satisfying view of the mind’ (Kandel, 1999)

    Speaking in my capacity as the new Director of the Science Department of APsaA, my aim in this presentation is to propose what we psychoanalysts may consider to be the core scientific claims of our discipline today. This scientific stock-taking is necessary due to widespread Read more »

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  • Atlanta Psychoanalysis Blog

    The Analytic Attitude: The Essence of What We Mean by ‘Psychoanalysis’

    by Ralph Roughton

    Psychoanalysis is a process of self-discovery as it unfolds within an intense therapeutic relationship. The analytic attitude is the principle that differentiates psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy from other types of therapy that aim primarily Read more »